How to create Website app How to create Website app

How to create Website app

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You can use any web content with OptiSigns by using the Website app. This article will guide you through how to create and use a Weather app.


Let's jump in and get started:

First, you will need to have your screens set up and paired. For more information on how to do that, click here.

Then log in to,

Go to Media Tab, Click on + Add App. Click Website app


Enter your Website information:


  • Name: This is the name to organize assets, it will not be shown on the screen.
  • URL: Fill in the link (URL) of the site you want to use.
  • Update Interval: You can also specify refresh interval if you want the player to automatically refresh the link at certain interval.

Click Save.

If you'd like you can preview the weather wall before assigning to your playlist/screen.


That's all!

Congratulation! You have created your Website app.

You can assign the newly created Website app to your screen by going to Device, clicking Edit device, and assigning the app to screens that you want.

You can put the Website app to a Layout, and Playlist too.

If you have feedback on how to make the how-to guides better, please let us know at: or just submit a ticket here.

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