How to use custom present screen background? How to use custom present screen background?

How to use custom present screen background?

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This article shows you the detailed steps how to use custom images for the present screen background, instead of using the default present app's background images. Please note that this customization is not supported in the Free plan. 




Step 1: Login, upload the desired images by choosing "Media" in the left menu, and then select "Upload File" in the top right corner.


Step 2: Upload the desired images from your local computer, or from the connected cloud drive(s).


Step 3: Click on "Playlist" from the left menu, and then "Add Playlist" button. Input the desired playlist name in the prompt, 


Step 4: Select the newly created playlist from the list, and click on the "+ Content" button, and the select the desired images uploaded in Step 2. You can also customize each image's display duration by clicking on the time next to the item in the playlist, and drag & drop a specific item in the list to reorder the playlist.


Step 5: create a custom ScreenShare app by following the steps described in this article. Click on the Background Playlist and select "playlist" in the dropdown menu, then select the playlist you created in the previous step. You can change the background image's opacity as desired, and click on Save at the bottom.


That's it. You can now assign this ScreenShare app with the custom background images to the specific screen(s) or layout(s).

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