How to use AeriCast Client How to use AeriCast Client

How to use AeriCast Client

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AeriCast Client is an app to be installed on the users' Windows or Mac laptops to use AeriCast Meet. After installed, it will create the virtual camera, and virtual input/output audio devices on your laptop that can be used in any meeting software to streaming the video/audio accordingly. 

AeriCast Client installer can be downloaded from the link below:


Mac (Universal installer)




  • Run the client installer package
  • Grant the permission
    • For Mac version, you will need to grant the System Extension for AeriCastCamera and the Screen Recording permission to the AeriCastClient



  • Run the client installer exe file

How to Use Presentation

You can easily present your desktop to the TV screen by input the 4 digit code show on the TV screen, and click Present, and your desktop will be mirrored to TV screen.

How to Use Meeting

This allows you to quickly and wirelessly connect to your conference room camera, microphone and speakers for your video conference call. You can use this along with Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Slack, Skype, and more meeting platforms.

Simply input the 4 digit code and click Start, your desktop will be mirrored to the TV screen, and the video and audio from the conference room's camera, mic and speakers will be streamed to/from your laptop automatically. Then make sure AeriCast virtual camera and audio devices are used in the meeting software before you start/join the meeting.

  • Video: AeriCast Camera
  • Microphone: AeriCast Virtual Input
  • Speaker: AeriCast Virtual Output devices 


  • Advanced mode
    • You can choose different audio settings and video codec in the advanced mode
    • video codec
      • By default, the wireless presentation uses VP8 and meeting uses H264 video codec, which are the most popular video codec offering smooth and high quality video stream. If your receiver device (Windows device running the Receiver app) supports AV1 encoding/decoding, you may choose AV1 for more efficient bandwidth usage.
    • Troubleshooting info
      • For IT support, the detailed streaming information can be displayed in the client when doing presentation or meeting to help identify any network issues. Ex: The Sent/Received Bitrate can be a good indicator if there is any network bandwidth restrains. You may also take a screenshot by clicking on the camera button and send this information to us reaching out for help. 


  1. The presentation or camera video is laggy, how to improve it?
    Make sure the setup meets the network requirements described here, and your laptop is connected to a 5G WiFi network. 
    Enable the troubleshooting info in Settings -> toggle Advanced mode, and enable the Troubleshooting info option. Then verify the available network bandwidth when doing meeting or presentation. For the full HD quality, 3.5Mbps available bandwidth is required each way. 

  2. The meeting camera resolution looks low, how to improve it?
    The resolution and FPS will be automatically adjusted for the smoothest video conferencing experience. If the network is not at the ideal situation, the resolution and frame rate may be degraded until the network bandwidth is capable for the full HD quality. You may want to verify if the setup follows the network requirements described here.

  3. Something else happened, how can I get help from support?
    We are here to help! Please send your issue to along with the log files and the screenshot of the troubleshooting info. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can for the suggested solutions. You can find the log files by going to Settings -> and click on the Log at the bottom right corner to find the log file.

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