How to setup AeriCast Meet (Wireless Video Conferencing)? How to setup AeriCast Meet (Wireless Video Conferencing)?

How to setup AeriCast Meet (Wireless Video Conferencing)?

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AeriCast Meet is a conference room solution that allows users to wirelessly connect to the conference room webcam, microphone and speakers, and join various video conference platforms, such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex and more. AeriCast Meet also supports wide range of the conference room webcam, microphone and speaker devices, and is a perfect solution to fit your current and future conference room setup and needs.

Here is the detailed information to setup your AeriCast Meet solution:


  • AeriCast Standard subscription
  • Receiver device
    • A Windows device to run the AeriCast Receiver software (v5.6.24+)
    • Minimun hardware spec: Intel J6426 CPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB storage
    • OS: Win/Mac/Linux
  • Video conferencing A/V devices
    • USB Webcam, microphone and speakers that are compatible with Windows 10 OS
    • Ex: Yealink UVC34, Yealink UVC40, Logitech Meetup and Owl Bar
  • Network
    • Wired ethernet connection to to the Windows Receiver device is strongly recommended for the best quality and experience
    • 5GHz with 30+Mbps is minimum required
    • Allow UDP traffics on port 10000 - 60000
  • User laptops
    • Windows 10+
    • MacOS Monterey (12.3+)


Windows Receiver Device:
  1. Connect the Windows device to the TV screen's HDMI input
  2. Download and install the AeriCast Windows Receiver on the Windows device
  3. Plugin the webcam/microphone/speaker device to the Windows device's USB port and install the device's driver provided by the manufacturer if needed
  4. Open the AeriCast Receiver app, and go to AeriCast Meet Settings from the left menu. Select the desired Webcam and Microphone.

  5. Change the system default speaker to the desired device
  6. Login to and pair the Windows Receiver device to your account by inputting the 4 digit code displayed on the screen

User Laptops:
  1. Download and install AeriCast Client for Mac or Windows on your Mac/Windows laptop
  2. Open AeriCast Client app, click on Meeting from left and input the 4 digit code displayed on the screen, and Start
  3. Open the video conferencing software, such as Zoom or MS Teams, and change the video and audio device settings:
    • Video: AeriCast Camera
    • Microphone: AeriCast Virtual Input
    • Speaker: AeriCast Virtual Output devices 

  4. Start your video conference meeting

Please note that AeriCast Meet does NOT work with Android Player due to the resource restrictions. 

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