AeriCast Android Receiver - Getting Started Guide AeriCast Android Receiver - Getting Started Guide

AeriCast Android Receiver - Getting Started Guide

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You've just received your AeriCast Pre-Configure Android Receiver?


Here's a quick start guide to get it set up.

Connect Cables & Power:

Please follow the instructions below to set up your AeriCast Android Receiver and get started.



  1. Connect HDMI to your TV (use the provided HDMI extension cable if needed)
        Product_Line_Art__device_HDMI.png        Product_Line_Art__hdmi.pngTV.png

  2. Plug the remote's USB dongle into the device's USB port
    Product_Line_Art__device_USB.png             Product_Line_Art__remote.png

  3. Plug in the power adapter
       Product_Line_Art__device_power.png            Product_Line_Art__power.png

 Please note that it may take a moment for the device to be fully booted for the first time. 

Connect to Network

You will see this message"No internet connection", after the receiver boots up.  You just need to click the CONFIGURE NETWORK button to set up the internet connection on your receiver. 


You can select your WiFi network and then enter your WiFi password. Now you will be connected to the Internet. 


Then you can exit the WiFi Setting, and launch the AeriCast app. It will show the 4 digits of pairing code.


Pair the Device

Go to AeriCast portal:


Once you logged in, click "+ Add Device" to your portal

Enter the 4 digits from your screen


Give it a name and select your layout. Then your device will be in your account.



Congratulations, your AeriCast Receiver device is ready for your wireless presentations and more. Want to learn more? Check out the following how-to articles below:

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