How to optimize your network for the best performance? How to optimize your network for the best performance?

How to optimize your network for the best performance?

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AeriCast users the latest and greatest WebRTC technology to create a peer-to-peer connection for your wireless presentation and video conferencing. Out solution automatically adjusts the presentation and video conferencing's video/audio quality based on your network status to provide the best experience possible. However, there are few things you may consider to apply to your network and setup to ensure the minimal latency and best video quality through AeriCast. 


Connect a wired ethernet cable to the receiver device

In some cases, the receiver device connected to the TV screen may not have the best wifi signal even within a well deployed wireless environment or near a wireless AP, especially when it is behind the TV panel in the the corner of the office. The metal TV panel can significantly degrade the WiFi signal and limit the network bandwidth. Therefore, we recommend you to connect a wired ethernet cable to the receiver device, such as our Android Player device, to have the more stable and better network.


ethernet adapter.png

Please note that you will need to purchase the additional ethernet adapter for this setup. The ethernet adapter can be found on Amazon or other online stores.


Allow UDP traffic on ports 10000 - 60000

To have the minimal latency for the wireless presentation and video conferencing, please update your NAT and firewall to allow UDP traffics on ports 10000 - 65535 for the direct media connection between two peers. These ports are commonly used by the modern WebRTC technologies, and our solution will randomly select the UDP port for each connection. More protocol and port range details can be found below:




Connect your laptop to the same network as the receiver

While AeriCast supports the hybrid presentation and allows remote meeting participant(s) to remotely present the content to the screen, it is recommended to connect your laptop to the same network as the receiver connects to for fewer network hops and optimal performance.



How to determine if my bandwidth is sufficient for optimal performance?

You can open the network widget from the presentation portal and verify the available bandwidth from your laptop when presenting. In general, 512 kbps available bandwidth can be sufficient for the wireless presentation, but 1,500 kbps available bandwidth is recommended for wireless presentation and 2,000 kbps available bandwidth both ways is recommended for wireless video conferencing (AeriCast Meet) for the best performance.



If you still have any performance or latency questions, please contact for further assistance. 

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